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How to keep your heart healthy this Valentine’s Day

While we can’t help with heartbreak, we can help with tips to keep your heart healthy this Feb 14th.

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Fibro, friends, and getting around London in a wheelchair

Writer Alice Bethan Thomas looks back on an event-filled weekend trip to London with friends and her wheelchair, which she often uses to manage the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

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7 stress-free ways to help the medicine go down

If you’re a parent, guardian or nanny, here are seven simple solutions to get kids to take their medicine properly.

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My life with Tourette's: an interview with George Sutton

In this empowering interview, George talks to us about what it’s like to live with Tourette's, how it’s affected his work life, and how to use humour to disarm the stigma.

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Coffee Machine Catch-Up: meet the Clinical Admin team

We caught up with our Clinical Admin team to talk about the future of healthcare, their guilty pleasures and much, much more.

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Montelukast: uses, benefits and side effects

Find out more about this common medication that's used as an add-on treatment for asthma and is also used to treat hay fever.

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