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The importance of innovation in social care

The folks at home care provider Cera give us an insight into how innovation can revolutionise social care.

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10 facts about asthma that will make you rethink the condition

From its prevalence to technological innovation, these ten facts about asthma provide a fascinating insight into the widespread impact of the condition.

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Citalopram: uses, benefits and side effects

Learn more about this commonly prescribed antidepressant of the SSRI class.

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Cost of NHS prescriptions | Echo

Free NHS prescriptions: do I qualify?

Although NHS prescriptions cost £8.80 per item, the vast majority of prescriptions are issued free of charge. Here's what you need to know.

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Have meds, will travel: everything you need to know about going abroad with your medication

Going abroad with your meds? Don't fret - this easy to follow guide will help you cut the stress from your summer sojourn.

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The NHS at 70: how innovation is helping the NHS evolve in the digital age

We celebrate the 70th anniversary of the NHS by looking forward to a positive future - a future in which technology can help our healthcare system find simple solutions to complex problems.

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