The Medicine Cabinet

From amlodipine to Zoton, here's everything you need to know about managing your meds.

How to safely dispose of unused medication

The discharge of pharmaceuticals into the environment is now recognised as one of the top issues of global conservation concern. But what can we do to help? Isabella Miles investigates.

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Diabetic user injecting their insulin | Echo

Storing insulin: what you need to know

People who use insulin need to think carefully about how they store their medicine. But why?

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Atorvastatin: uses, benefits and side effects

Find out more about this commonly prescribed statin.

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NHS Healthcare Red Pills in Palm | Echo

How to help prevent antibiotic resistance

We take a look at the global threat of antibiotic resistance - and the steps you can take to help prevent it.

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Lansoprazole: uses, benefits and side effects

Learn more about this common treatment for stomach and oesophagus problems.

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I’ve just been prescribed antidepressants: what next?

As we mark this year’s World Mental Health Day, here are five things to bear in mind if you’ve just been prescribed antidepressants.

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