Saturday, 4th April, 2020

A message from our Chief Pharmacist

To all our patients.

Our pharmacy team is working through the night, across three shifts, to support our patients during this difficult time. We’ve upgraded all deliveries so that they arrive next day, and have hired extra staff across the operation.

The majority of orders are getting out the door in good time, but the UK’s pharmacy supply chain is under pressure so some patients will face delays due to temporary issues with stock availability. I am sorry about this, but am confident that stock levels will return to normal in the coming weeks as the initial impact of lockdown eases up.

Right now, I advise that you place your next prescription order at least ten days before you need it.

If you are new to our service, please watch this video to understand how Echo works.

What to do if you need your medicine sooner

If Echo has your prescription then we can return it to the NHS system, so that you can pick-up your medicine from any local pharmacy. To do this, simply login to your account and visit the help centre on our website. Please note that this function is not available on our mobile app. 

If you do not have a prescription and cannot wait, please visit or call 111.

How you can help 

Please only contact us if you have an active order with Echo and need your medicine in the next three days.

Most questions can be resolved by visiting our help centre when you login.

Finally, I kindly ask you to remember that our dedicated team of key workers travel to our pharmacy each day to do their best for all our patients. Please be patient and kind.

Alistair Murray MRPharmS

Chief Pharmacist, Echo