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Look after your heart this Valentine’s Day

5 tips for protecting your heart on the day of love.

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Ventolin vs salbutamol: what’s the difference anyway?

An examination of the differences between generic and branded asthma medications.

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NHS Healthcare Venn Diagram | Echo

Depression and anxiety: what's the difference?

Depression and anxiety are different conditions, so how do we differentiate them?

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NHS Healthcare Heart Blocks | Echo

I’ve just been told I have high blood pressure: what next?

A guide to what you can expect after being diagnosed with hypertension.

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NHS Healthcare Runner Stress | Echo

Is stress all that bad?

Johanna Denham Harding explores the effects of stress and asks whether or not stress is only ever a bad thing.

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NHS Healthcare Arrow Signs | Echo

What is a repeat prescription and what’s the easiest way to get one?

Laura Wall looks into the most convenient way of ordering a repeat prescription.

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