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Lansoprazole: uses, benefits and side effects

Learn more about this common treatment for stomach and oesophagus problems.

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10 tips to help you give up smoking for Stoptober

Alistair Murray, Echo's Clinical Director, offers some practical advice for those looking to quit smoking.

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I’ve just been prescribed antidepressants: what next?

As we mark this year’s World Mental Health Day, here are five things to bear in mind if you’ve just been prescribed antidepressants.

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Getting help and support for mental health problems

Getting better isn’t only about medicines - you need people, too. By taking a few simple steps, you can create a support network that will significantly increase your chances of overcoming your problems.

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My Stoptober diary, part one: cold turkey in the Big Smoke

Joe Lofts documents his first week of giving up smoking for Public Health England's annual 28-day Stoptober campaign.

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Fusidic acid: uses, benefits and side effects

Read on to learn about this commonly prescribed medicine for bacterial infections.

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