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5 ways exercise can help with depression

We all know that regular exercise brings many benefits, but just how good is it for your mental health? This short guide explains all.

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Levothyroxine: uses, benefits and side effects

Find out more about this common treatment for an underactive thyroid.

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To eat or not to eat? A step-by-step guide to dining out with a food allergy

Here's everything you need to know about eating out with a food allergy - from choosing a restaurant to knowing what's in your meal.

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Omeprazole: uses, benefits and side effects

Learn more about this common treatment for stomach and oesophagus problems.

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Breaking the stigma around mental health and addiction in the music industry

In this in-depth interview, Music Support's founding trustee Matt Thomas grants us a fascinating insight into the positive stance many in the music industry are taking towards mental health and addiction.

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World Blood Donor Day: the quick guide to giving blood

This quick and easy guide provides all the information you’ll need if you’re thinking about giving blood.

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