Top 20 GP surgeries in the UK (according to you)

February 2nd, 2017 by Stephanie Hall

Buckle up and hold on tight folks, because you’re about to embark on a whirlwind tour of the top 20 GP surgeries across the UK, as voted by you via the GP Patient Survey.

You’ll learn about each other’s preferences in GP surgeries, and you might find that you have some pro tips to pick up, or some bones of contention to chew over.

Let’s see what you had to say.

1.  Lapworth Surgery

Solihull, West Midlands

Top of the list at number one, Lapworth Surgery was commended for its excellent phone service and slick appointment-booking system, with 100% of people surveyed saying that they found it ‘easy’ to get through to the surgery by phone, and that their experience of making an appointment was ‘good’.

In line with the highest expectations of all my GP appointment connoisseurs sat reading this article, open telephone access took Lapworth Surgery to the top spot. (You can almost hear the other surgeries hissing with envy, can’t you?)


2.  Exe Valley Practice

Exeter, Devon

If only every GP surgery were open as long as the Exe Valley Practice.

Opening as early as 7:30am on Wednesdays and closing at 7:30pm on Thursdays, it’s no wonder that 97% of those surveyed said they were satisfied with the surgery's working hours.

The people of Exeter clearly know what the good life is when it comes to GP services, and they’re not planning on letting it go anytime soon.

3.  Hindon Surgery

Salisbury, Wiltshire

Do you completely trust your GP? (I would hope you do, otherwise you might need to think about changing surgeries…)

The people of Salisbury, the city home to the Hindon Surgery, are very happy with their practice GPs, as 99% of survey respondents said they trusted the last GP they saw or spoke to.


4.  Great Lumley Surgery

Chester-le-Street, Durham

Nurses scored very highly with visitors of the Great Lumley Surgery, which is based just 20 minutes away from central Newcastle.

97% of surveyed callers at this surgery stated that the last nurse they spoke to was good at listening to what they had to say.

Don’t we all just love it when we feel like we’re being listened to?


5.  Grove Road Surgery

Eastbourne, Sussex

Turning our attention away from the wonderful GP practice nurses out there (only momentarily), 99% of surveyed visitors at the Grove Road Surgery in Eastbourne said they found the receptionists helpful.

It’s great to see the staff who power the NHS getting some recognition for their front live customer-care services. Grove Road receptionists (and hardworking NHS receptionists everywhere); we salute you.


6.  Castle Meadows Surgery

Dudley, West Midlands

Situated within a 20-mile radius of Wolverhampton and Birmingham, Dudley is home to the Castle Meadows Surgery, where 98% of people surveyed said they had confidence and trust in the last GP they saw or spoke to.


As capital of the Black Country (aptly named for it’s coal and steel legacy), Dudley is doing a good job of representing the tenacious Midlands spirit, and the Castle Meadows Surgery is doing it’s bit to keep the West Midlands on the medical map.

7.  Old Parsonage Surgery

Goudhurst, Kent

That age-old rub they call ‘time’.

It catches me out nearly every day, whether I’m just seconds late for my train or five minutes late picking up my niece from play-school.

We never seem to have enough time, do we?

Well, the clinical magicians at the Old Parsonage Surgery in Goudhurst manage to share their time very well, as 98% of the visitors polled said that the last GP they saw or spoke to was good at giving them enough time.

8.  Drs Rees & Lefroy (Health Centre)

Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Nurses climb to the top of the list once again thanks to visitors of Dr Rees and Lefroy’s Health Centre in Stoke-on-Trent.


A colossal 100% of people surveyed at the centre said that they had confidence and trust in the last nurse they spoke to. Quite the feat.

9.  Wychwood Surgery

Shipton under Wychwood, Oxfordshire

We’re nearly halfway through the list and we’re only just stumbling across the importance of recommendations when it comes to GP surgeries.

Recommendations are probably one of the single most revealing factors about the success of any customer-care service in the UK.

Let’s be honest, you were pointed in the direction of your wonderful new hairdresser by your best friend who’d tried out their services first, and your new favourite restaurant; your beau spotted that one.

With 100% of surveyed visitors to the Wychwood surgery saying that they would recommend the surgery to someone new to the area, Wychwood is apparently the place to be if you want access to top-notch GP services in Oxford.

10.  Trent Valley Surgery

Saxilby, Lincoln

We’ve made it to number 10, hurrah!

No, I’m not referring to the historic Downing Street building in which a certain former prime minister was accused of misconduct with pork.

On the contrary, Trent Valley Surgery natives weren’t treated to any questionable displays of bestial affection, but 97% of those who took the time to fill in a survey said the last GP they saw or spoke to was good at treating them with care and concern.

(Thankfully, no pigs were harmed during the polling of this survey).


11.  Alton Surgery

Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Let’s get something straight: just because you’re not a doctor doesn’t mean that you don’t have a say in your treatment plan.

You didn’t study medicine for ten years at a top-level university, but you know enough about the body you live in every day to know which medicines prescribed to you abate your symptoms best and have the fewest side effects for you.

Ideally, a consultation should be more of a discussion than a lecture, and the GPs at the Alton Surgery in Stoke-on-Trent appear to work on that understanding.

According to 96% of those polled, Alton Surgery GPs were good at involving those they consulted with in the decisions about their care.

12.  Weobley Surgery

Weobley, Herefordshire

The Weobley Surgery couldn’t be any further away from it’s ‘wobbly’ namesake according to voters from the practice in Herefordshire.

95% of respondents to the Weobley Surgery survey said they were able to get an appointment to see or speak to someone the last time they tried, and 99% went on to rate their last appointment as ‘convenient’.

Easy access to convenient appointments? Yes, please.


13.  Sunniside Surgery

Sunniside, Newcastle upon Tyne

Living up to it’s inviting name, Sunniside Surgery received warm responses from its visitors, with 94% of respondents noting that they usually get to see or speak to their preferred GP.

I’ve lived in the North before, and I can tell you right now that any form of sunniness is welcome when you’re getting the brunt of a chilly polar wind from the Scottish highlands.  

14.  Rustlings Road Medical Centre

Sheffield, Yorkshire

We’re staying up North for this review of the Rustlings Road Medical Centre in Sheffield.

According to the GP Patient Survey, 99% of those polled at the Rustlings Road Medical Centre said they found it easy to get through to the surgery by phone.

So it seems Yorkshire can add excellent medical services to its impressive list of high-tech universities, beautiful landscapes and awe-inspiring accents.

15.  Shap Medical Practice

Penrith, Cumbria

Situated between two of the UK’s most beautiful national landmarks (the Lake District and the North Pennines), Shap Medical Practice calls the town of Penrith home in Cumbria.

97% of Shap Medical Practice visitors who were asked to give feedback described their experience of making an appointment as ‘good’, while 100% said they had confidence and trust in the last nurse they consulted.

With stunning views of the countryside shining through the practice windows, it’s no wonder that Shap Medical Practice staff have a sunny disposition to match.


16.  Marysville Medical Practice

Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Marysville respondents remind us how important it is to feel heard when consulting your GP for medical advice, and 99% of them say that the last GP they saw was good at listening to them.

Well played Marysville Medical Practice; well played indeed.


17.  Dengie Medical Partnership

Southminster, Essex

Sharing a home county with my favourite reality TV show TOWIE (which stands for The Only Way is Essex for those of you who haven’t witnessed the spectacle), the Dengie Medical Partnership has certainly achieved Joey Essex’s coveted ‘reem’ status.

97% of those questioned at the Dengie Medical Partnership reported that they found the receptionists at this surgery helpful, while 91% said they routinely got an appointment with their preferred GP.

(OMG babes, we’re well jel of Dengie Medical Partnership’s style. What a salty potato. ... You’ll get it if you watch the show.)


18.  Marple Bridge Surgery

Stockport, Greater Manchester

Voted the third best place to live in the UK in a 2016 Property Week study (as reported by Marketing Stockport), Stockport is home to the UK’s 18th best surgery, according to you.

92% of respondents at the Marple Bridge Surgery said they were able to get an appointment to see or speak to someone the last time they tried, so Stockport is shining out in terms of residential property and GP services.


19.  Frampton Surgery

Frampton on Severn, Gloucester

100% of respondents at the Frampton Surgery said they had confidence and trust in the last nurse they had a discussion with, while 91% said they had successfully booked appointments regularly with their preferred GP.

20.  Cripps Health Centre

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Finishing our list of top 20 GP surgeries in the UK with a GP practice based in Nottingham makes me starkly aware (as a Londoner) that only six of the surgeries on this list are situated in the South of England. That’s only a quarter!

With 100% of Cripps Health Care respondents describing their experience of making an appointment as good, and 92% saying that the last nurse they spoke to was good at treating them with care and concern, the figures can’t be argued with and Cripps Health Care have truly earned their place in the list of top 20 UK GP surgeries.

Thanks for reminding us that we down here in the South need to up our game Cripps Health Centre; I’m excited to see what 2017 brings for the GP league tables.


Here's a map comparing the geographical locations of the top 20 GP surgeries across the UK:


Please note that all data used in this article is reflective of that presented on the GP Patient Survey website on 19th January 2017, but all figures may be subject to change in the future.

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