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Echo for General Practitioners & Clinicians

Working with clinicians to improve adherence and increase NHS efficiency

Echo is a team of doctors, pharmacists and technologists with a simple vision – to use technology to make everyone’s experience of healthcare and wellness better and more fulfilling.

Our first mission is to radically improve how people order the medications they need, and manage their repeat prescriptions. Our mobile app means customers can use their phones to order medications from their NHS GPs, dispensed by our partner pharmacies.

In the long term, our platform will benefit patients and their health, GPs and ultimately the NHS, by making ordering, prescribing and dispensing medications smoother, quicker and more efficient.

  • Reduced burden

    We’re actively engaged with practices and CCGs to work towards reducing the burden associated with managing repeat prescriptions.

    Our order and request process works seamlessly with your current systems. So there is no extra set up required on your part. Simply fewer patients to see each day.

    The burden on practice administrative staff is eased as well. We ensure that prescriptions are requested in the format your practice prefers. Over time, this makes your processes more efficient.

  • Less waste

    With Echo, patients can only order what they need, when they need it. This results in reduced medicine wastage. As well as the associated time spent in the prescribing and dispensing of unneeded items.

    Dosage and supply reminders through the app reduce medicine waste by patients.

    From an administrative perspective, the process for requesting repeat prescriptions is streamlined – moving from paper based to digitally recorded information.

  • Improving adherence

    We are partnering with universities and medical institutions to support our approach to improving medication adherence. And the feedback we are gaining from practices is supporting our own learning.

    Practices are also helping to shape Echo’s future – in the way we work with the NHS and our approach to adherence. To help with this, we are always looking to speak with new NHS organisations.

Our partners

Echo partners with best-in-class NHS community pharmacies for the dispensing and dispatch of medication. We also work with clinicians across primary and secondary care to help inform how we optimise our service. 

Finally, our most important partners are the patients themselves, whose continued input is invalauble.

    • Echo has the potential to radically transform how patients manage their own repeat prescriptions, as well as improving patients’ adherence to prescribed medicines. It is both practical and innovative, with the ability to make an immediate impact.

      Professor Claire Anderson

      Vice Chair, English Pharmacy Board

    • We are excited to be working with Echo as it provides patients with a hassle-free way to better manage their medication. A doctor’s time is precious, so by eliminating unnecessary appointments Echo will make our GP’s lives easier and improve clinical outcomes for patients.

      Dr Murray Ellender

      GP Partner, The Hurley Group

    • Echo represents a step-change in medication management. My patients already use apps to manage every other aspect of their life, so its fantastic to see this level of innovation in the NHS. By removing barriers to adherence and improving communication it can help transform primary care, letting me spend less time on admin and more time caring for patients.

      Dr Susannah Rist

      General Practitioner, The Portland Road Practice

    • As a pharmacist and clinician I want to spend as much as possible talking to patients. Echo simplifies pharmacy workflows, taking paper-based systems online and making our lives easier.

      Dahlia Silk MPharmS

      Lead Pharamcist, GreenLight


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If you would like to work with Echo please drop us an email. We are always keen to hear from innovative GP practices, leading pharmacies and patient ambassadors.

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