How Echo works

Signing up with Echo is easy. Here we guide you through how Echo works and answer some frequently asked questions

Getting started

We cover all delivery charges, which means there’s no extra cost to you or to the NHS.

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Simple sign up

Echo works with NHS England GP surgeries, register your details and tell us what medicine you need.

Doctors approval 01

Doctors approval

Get the medicine you're prescribed, we'll send your request onto your GP to approve.

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Order tracking

Our team of pharmacists check and dispense your medicine. You can see the progress of your request at any time.

Delivery time

Echo can deliver to any UK address of your choice including local Click & Collect options

Your first order 01

Your first order

Please allow 7-10 days for your first order, it can take longer for the GP to approve your first online request.

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Helpful reminders

We’ll remind you when it’s time to take your medicine and time to reorder.

Frequently asked questions

Do you deliver chilled medicine?

We send all chilled medicine. Each box has ice packs and insulation to keep your medicine cold

Can I request medicine on behalf of a family member?

Yes. You can manage up to six family members, of any age.

How much does Echo cost?

Echo is a pharmacy that’s free to use. We also cover all delivery charges, so there are no extra costs to you or the NHS.

Payments and exemptions

If you pay for your NHS prescription, you'll be prompted to pay the standard NHS charge after your GP has approved your request. You can use all major payment cards here.

We accept all NHS exemptions and prepayment certifications. For patients under the age of 16 or over the age of 60, we'll automatically apply an exemption to your account.

Here for you

We care deeply about all our patients. Making sure you get your medicine on time, is important to us. Our patient care team is on hand to assist you. On the phone, through email or on live chat in your Echo account.

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