Our Pharmacy Heroes

Meet a few of the faces helping make sure your medicine arrives on time

Humans Dom

Dom - Chief Operating Officer

"Part of what motivates me to come to work every day is the support we can offer to the health of our patients and the future of the NHS."

Humans Ana

Ana - Operations Manager

"I have to thank all of our amazing Pharmacists and the rest of the team. Working day and night to help our patients get one worry off their list - their medicines"

Humans Aris

Aris - HR Manager

"It is amazing to see people support each other and how united they are to achieve a common goal, support our patients and NHS."

Jumana - Senior Pharmacist

"The nature of healthcare has changed and it is amazing to be part of a company that has been able to respond and adapt to the crisis and be considered a life-line for many."

Humans Claiton

Claiton - Goods-In Team Lead

"I’m lucky to have a job I enjoy. I love what I do and during this time it is especially gratifying to continue to come to work and help our patients get the medicine they need"

Humans Benoit min

Benoit - CEO

"I’m incredibly proud of the team, from our developers working through the night to improve our service to our clinicians who commute to our pharmacy every day"

Humans Al min

Alistair - Chief Pharmacist

“It blows me away how much everyone at Echo cares. Both caring for all the patients who use Echo and also caring about each other as colleagues so we can do our best for patients and the NHS”

Wander - Fulfilment Team Lead

"Knowing that my job is helping the elderly, or families with young children who are self-isolating or shielding, makes me feel proud of my job."

Be a Pharmacy Hero

Echo is on the frontline of pharmacy and growing fast. We are looking to recruit Pharmacists, Dispensers and Customer Experience professionals