Meditations and musings on the fascinating world of health.

How precision medicine can help change healthcare for the better

Alice Bardon looks at how precision medicine has the potential to change how health professionals prevent and treat medical conditions in patients.

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Echo's impact on medicines adherence

Echo's co-founder Stephen Bourke explores what we know (and don't know) about Echo's impact on medicines adherence

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How digital technology is removing the stress from medication management

Our Clinical Director, Alistair Murray, explains how Echo is leading the charge to make managing medication a hassle-free process.

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From building boxes to writing blog posts: my month as an intern at Echo

Eva Chatry talks us through her time interning with a healthtech startup.

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The importance of innovation in social care

The folks at home care provider Cera give us an insight into how innovation can revolutionise social care.

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The NHS at 70: how innovation is helping the NHS evolve in the digital age

We celebrate the 70th anniversary of the NHS by looking forward to a positive future - a future in which technology can help our healthcare system find simple solutions to complex problems.

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