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My Echo Story: Amy

Amy, a London-based Echo user, talks to us about how the app has taken the stress away from managing her medication.

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Coffee Machine Catch-Up: meet the Customer Experience team

We spoke to our CX team about what drew them to Echo, their favourite holiday destinations and much more.

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Challenging the tech status quo: meet the women of Echo

We spoke to some of our female contingent about working in tech, bridging the gender divide, and empowering other women to follow their lead.

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From phantom pains to video games: my life with fibromyalgia

We spoke to fibromyalgia sufferer Jessica Zhou about what it's like to live with a debilitating chronic condition.

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More than a headache: my life with migraines

For Migraine Awareness Week, we spoke to migraine sufferer, Dave, about coping with the symptoms, smashing the stigma... and jam sandwiches.

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Breaking the stigma around mental health and addiction in the music industry

In this in-depth interview, Music Support's founding trustee Matt Thomas talks about the positive stance many in the music industry are taking towards mental health and addiction.

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