Echo Series A funding news featured in Reuters

October 25th, 2017 by Echo

British start-up Echo said on Wednesday it had raised 7 million pounds ($9.2 million) in a funding round led by White Star Capital to expand use of its app that helps people manage their medicine to treat conditions like asthma.

The mobile app, which already has 50,000 users, lets people order repeat prescriptions from their doctor for delivery, the company said.

It also reminds patients to take their medication and when they are going to run out.

Other participants in the funding round included MMC Ventures, LocalGlobe, Global Founders Capital, Rocket Internet and Public.io, Echo said.

The company received 1.8 million pounds in seed funding from LocalGlobe, Global Founders Capital and Rocket Internet in 2016.

This article was originally posted on Reuters. It also received coverage in The New York Times, The Daily Mail, and Nasdaq.

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