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NHS Healthcare Runner Stress | Echo

Is stress all that bad?

Johanna Denham Harding explores the effects of stress and asks whether or not stress is only ever a bad thing.

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NHS Healthcare Arrow Signs | Echo

What is a repeat prescription and what’s the easiest way to get one?

Laura Wall looks into the most convenient way of ordering a repeat prescription.

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NHS Healthcare Pill Bottle and Measuring Tape | Echo

Why medicine adherence is key to keeping you healthy

What is medicine adherence and why is it so important?

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NHS Healthcare Polling Station | Echo

Top 20 GP surgeries in the UK (according to you)

You voted: we noticed. Echo lists the 20 GP surgeries that scored the highest on the GP Patient Survey.

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NHS Healthcare Red Pills in Palm | Echo

Skipping Meds: Why should I finish my course of antibiotics?

What's the worst that can happen if you don't take all your antibiotics?

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13 Things that everyone hates about visiting the GP

A comprehensive list of all the frustrations that come with visiting the GP.

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