Infographic : Half of all under 65s now take prescription medication in the UK | Echo

A fifth of full time workers run out of their regular medication due to hectic lifestyles

Taking medication on a regular basis isn’t confined to the elderly. 46% of those in full-time employment need repeat prescriptions but they are struggling to get a hold of their medication

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European Flag : Brexit and Healthtech| Echo

Brexit and Healthtech - A bitter pill to swallow

A healthtech perspective on what needs to happen post-Brexit

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Jessica Hagy eloquently sums up what it takes to create a start-up | Echo

Start-up anxiety

After years of holding relatively senior roles at various blue-chips, it’s only now, as the co-founder of a health tech start-up, that I feel comfortable coming out.

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Cityscape : Understanding repeat medication and electroninc prescribing in the UK | Echo

Understanding repeat medication and electronic prescribing in the UK

Things you need to know

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Patient Charter

At Echo we understand that it is a privilege to work in healthcare and are committed to earning our user’s trust. The charter below informs everything that we do and is signed by all our colleagues, partners and principal suppliers.

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Echo app on Android, iOS devices | Echo

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