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Our Mission

Improving medication adherence

Almost half of all adults take a repeat prescription, but 40% of medication isn’t taken as directed. This costs the NHS billions in waste each year. Echo’s mission is to remove the barriers to adherence through elegant, user-focused design & technology.

Dr George Cherry and Ryan McGrath crunch numbers | Echo End of week meeting Echo Pharmacists talk about the Flu jab | Echo Echo's cofounders Stephen Bourke and Sai Lakshmi | Echo The Echo Operations Team Dr George Cherry and Dr James Soo at the NHS Expo 2017 | Echo Echo engineers installing equipment | Echo


What matters most to us

Our co-founders both take medication to manage long-term conditions, so Echo is first and foremost a patient-led service.

  • Respect

    We respect our patients’ autonomy, privacy and concerns. We listen and never take them for granted.

  • Communication

    We recognise that clear communication is crucial. We’re transparent and responsible, committed to ensuring patients are informed.

  • Privacy

    We follow strict data management protocols. We always encrypt data sent and received online and adhere to the Caldicott principles.

  • Operational Excellence

    We’re committed to delivering high-quality patient experience - from our user interfaces to home delivery.


Meet the team

Echo is a team of doctors, pharmacists and technologists with a simple vision: to use technology to make everyone’s experience of healthcare and wellness better and more fulfilling.

  • Roger Hassan


  • Echo co-founder and CXO, Stephen

    Stephen Bourke

    Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

  • Echo's Clinical Lead Alistair Murray

    Alistair Murray

    Clinical Director

  • Echo's CEO Sai Lakshmi

    Sai Lakshmi

    Co-Founder & Senior Advisor

  • Christian Hernandez

    Investor Director

  • Echo Partner Professor Claire Anderson | Echo

    Claire Anderson

    Clinical Advisor

  • Echo Investor Ophelia Brown

    Ophelia Brown


  • Echo Investor Robin Klein

    Robin Klein


  • Echo's Technical Advisor Tim Davey

    Tim Davey

    Technical Advisor


World-class backing

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